3 Goats Tall is a group of award winning wedding coordinators who are as zany as the name of our company! We listen, research, create, experiment and do whatever it takes to make your wedding day dreams come true!

I know this will come as a shock to some, but the question we get most often about 3 Goats Tall is, “What were you thinking when you named it that?” Well there is a very simple answer for that…. Nah, there’s really not.

Here's a tiny glimpse into the thought process behind our name:
First we wanted something to lure peeps in. What better to do so then to make them curious. Admit it, the name 3 Goats Tall automatically makes you think, "Whhhaaattt?" Curiosity then takes over and you just have to know more.

And b, we wanted uniqueness. Something that is just as unique as the talent and experience that we offer. Have you ever heard of another wedding vendor whose name has anything to do with live stock? Nope, didn't think so!

Contact us today to begin the amazing adventure of your wedding planning process! We promise (like our name) -- it will be something you'll never forget!
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