How We Do It

3 Goats Tall uses 3 key steps to make designing your wedding what it is supposed to be -- FUN!


As my grandma always said, “God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.“
Our job is to listen to your wants and desires, and then work with you to make those happen!
We develop a relationship with you to learn your style and find things that will fit with your personality.
After getting to know you and hearing what type of wedding you want, we can contribute ideas and thoughts that will add to your wedding.
The job of your Wedding Coordinator is not to tell you what to do or chose but to bring your dreams to life!


We work with you to create and design your visions.
We work with only the best and most qualified vendors to ensure that everything is created just as you want it.
We do the research and find ideas that will work with your motif and then figure out a way to create it!


We take care of pulling every single detail together.
This includes everything from colors and styles, to what time hair and make up begins, to the flow of the ceremony and reception schedule.
We are always one step ahead of what’s coming next!