A wc for me?

Good question!

One question we love to answer is: “Why should I even bother with a wedding coordinator? All they are going to do is come in and take over, tell me what I have to do and take all my money.”

Honestly, that’s just crazy talk right there! Wedding coordinators should be hired for a very simple reason: Stress free wedding planning!

Just on average a couple (mainly the bride — sorry guys) spends 250 HOURS planning their big day. And guess what comes with all of that…HIGH LEVELS OF STRESS!! Just imagine it grooms: Almost 10.5 completely full days of nothing but your bride stressing. Now tell me, who has that kind of time or needs that kind of stress?? Your answer is a very loud, “NOT ME!”

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Good News! And MORE Good News!

The good news is that professional Wedding Coordinators are already ahead of the game.  They should be familiar with the venues and vendors in your area.  So once you describe what you’re dreaming of, they should easily be able to make suggestions. Wedding Coordinators should have the research done and immediately know where to start!

The word “suggestions” brings us to another topic. Wedding Coordinators are not there to tell you what to do. Our job is to listen to you, hear your dreams and desires, and help you find ways to make your dream day happen. Wedding Coordinators should make suggestions, not boss you around.

And then there is the touchy subject of money. Yes, hiring a Wedding Coordinator is going to cost you a little. I mean, we have to eat, too! However, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg! Fees and charges should be set as a reflection of the Wedding Coordinator’s work and depend on the level of involvement. There is no accurate way to tell you what a Wedding Coordinator should charge. So do your research and be sure you understand what you’re getting for the fee.

The bottom line is that your Wedding Coordinator can handle an unimaginable amount of leg work and take stress off of you. They can be with you to help during the planning process, as well as being at your wedding to over see everything that’s going on from start to finish.

It’s pretty simple….want to lower your stress level? Contact 3 Goats Tall today and find we’re right for you!